Our facilities have a production capability of 50,000 tons of glass annually.

Machinery with state-of-the-art technology for the elimination of the different impurities that appear in the glass to be recycled:

• Three lines of optical separation, comprised of Picvisa artificial vision machines that grant an excellent quality to the most delicate part of the process.

• Sifting processes to separate by sizes effectively.

• A suction system that eliminates all light elements affecting the process.

• Overbands and Eddy currents that separate all sorts of metals, both ferric and non-ferric.

• Grinders suitable for glass mashing in the different dimensions required.

• Completely computerised production management and control system.

• Lab equipped for the performance of exhaustive quality control.

• Qualified staff, trained on the latest technologies in the sector and aware of the respect for the environment that our activity requires.