Quality, management and environment


TM Alcudia Reciclatges specialises in the collection and treatment of glass coming from selected containers.

It is an industrial waste activity, both industrial and urban, that is unique in Majorca and therefore highly beneficial for the environment.

In line with our values, we aim at continuously improving the provision of our services, the performance of our process and the functioning of our facilities.

This strategic stake is based on four fundamental cornerstones:
Permanent focus on meeting the needs and expectations of our customers so that they are satisfied and they trust us. To do so, we offer a quality service that delivers in all its scopes and especially in the recycling one and abides by all legal environmental requirements both at a local, national and European level.

Active respect for the environment in line with our policy, preventing pollution, correctly managing the waste obtained and optimising the consumption of the natural resources resulting from the activity.

The awareness and ongoing and updated training of our associates. Paying particular attention to everything related to associate’s health and safety. Paying attention to the knowledge of new technologies and demands, both at a legal and market level.

Rigorous compliance with all legislation, whether generic or specific, that applies to the performance of our activity and other requirements by official organisations.

This policy declaration is at the disposal of our clients, staff members, providers, public administrations and the general public.

The management.

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